Macquarie Rapid Build Prison

Hansen Yuncken
Wellington NSW, Australia


The 400-bed Macquarie Rapid Build Prison, in Central NSW, was the first of a number of ‘rapid build’ correctional centres to be constructed as part of the NSW Government’s Prison Bed Capacity Program.

Designed to improve inmate productivity and increase their out of cells hours, the new prison floorplan offers greater access to employment, education and programs whilst offering the highest level of security and safety in NSW for officers and inmates.

Summit Fencing was engaged by the Principal Contractor, Hansen Yuncken, to supply and install the security and chainwire fencing for the 33 acre site. Crews and materials were mobilised quickly, and Summit was able to help Hansen Yuncken complete the project within the tight timeframe.​

Scope of Work:

  •  1100m of 3600mm high galvanised chainwire for the external boundary
  •  200m of 3600mm high galvanised chainwire for tank storage enclosures
  •  1100m of 3600mm high galvanised chainwire for the walkway corridors
  •  150m of up to 5m high galvanised chainwire for internal high screens
  •  35x mechanical enclosures at 3600mm high
  •  250m of 3600mm high galvanised chainwire for workshop enclosures
  •  150m of 1200mm high looptop fencing and pedestrian gates