Corromesh® 358

Corromesh® 358 mesh is a high security steel fencing mesh designed and manufactured by Australian Security Fencing. When used on security gates or fencing it creates an extremely strong, durable, anti-climb security barrier. There is no obstruction to views from any angle through the mesh, making it an aesthetically pleasing fence option as it blends into the surrounding environment.

Corromesh® 358 has excellent anti-climb properties, as it doesn’t require any horizontal support beams and the mesh itself is corrugated, making it extremely difficult to get a foot or hand hold. It is manufactured from premium Australian wire, and incorporates Zalcote (zinc alloy) coatings which allow it to withstand the harsh Australian environments and marine areas.

Corromesh® 358 mesh is ideal for facilities such as:

  • Schools and educational facilities
  • Correctional facilities
  • Public walkways
  • Bridges
  • Power stations
  • Government utility sites
  • Safety screens and enclosures

Summit Fencing are experienced installers of Corromesh® 358 mesh fencing and gates. We are keen to keep your facility safe, so please get in touch for more information or a quotation.

Corromesh® 358
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