NCHRP350 X350

The ACP X350 Guardrail Terminal End has been designed to provide efficient absorption and dissipation of the kinetic energy from a vehicle impact, providing a controlled slowdown for vehicle occupants.

This cost-effective, life saving device is fully re-directive, providing improved vehicle control with little or no debris scatter. The impact force is held in tension, giving less chance of a kinked rail for added safety.

Available in both flared and tangential designs, both using ACP patented technology to ensure optimum performance while maintaining low cost installation and maintenance, the ACP X350 Guardrail Terminal End offers protection at up to 100kph and is fully approved to NCHRP 350 TL-3.

NCHRP350 X350


Test LevelSpecifications
Overall length11400mm
Total Mass600mm downstream of Post 1
Point of NeedGalvanised to AS/NZS 4680 after fabrication