Roadside Guardrail Barriers

Summit Fencing supply and install a range of roadside guardrail barriers, including various types of W-Beam and Thriebeam systems manufactured in Australia and approved for use on Australia’s roads.

W-Beam Guardrail

W-Beam guardrail is the most common roadside crash barrier used in Australia. Summit installs guardrail systems of the latest innovation and advancement in safety to ensure high vehicle containment to MASH Test Level 3. W-beam barriers are compatible with all end terminals and transitions.

Thriebeam Guardrail

Thriebeam Guardrail is designed to contain larger vehicles with a high centre of gravity, being used in sensitive areas such as by power poles, on bridges and cliff edges. It has an additional corrugation in the rail element which stiffens the system, and can be used in verge or median applications. Summit installs Thirebeam safety barrier with a tested containment of MASH Test Level 4.

End Terminals & Crash Cushions

Roadside Guardrail Barriers

Compare Products

ProductTypeCrash RatingCrash Test Deflection*System Mass (kg/m)
Ezy-Guard SmartW-BeamMash TL31.65m18.6
Ezy-Guard 4W-BeamMash TL3 & NCHRP350 TL41.65m18.6
G4 Public DomainW-BeamNCHRP350 TL31m27
ACP Sentry BarrierW-BeamMash TL31.59m19.3
RamshieldW-BeamMash TL31.56m19
Ezy-Guard HCThrie BeamMash TL41.77m28.8
G9 Public DomainThrie BeamNCHRP350 TL40.6m37.75

*Crash test deflection is the nominated deflection. This will vary depending on impact speed and angle.

Roadside Guardrail Barriers
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