ACP Sentry Barrier Guardrail Barrier

The ACP Sentry W Beam Barrier is a roadside w-beam guardrail system suitable for containing, redirecting and shielding vehicles from roadside obstacles. This longitudinal barrier system has been designed and rigorously tested to the MASH Test Level 3 evaluation criteria, and is compliant to AS3845:2015.

The Sentry Barrier System is uses a smaller, lighter ‘C’ shaped post and has no block out, stiffener or bracket between rail and post connection. It therefore has lesser components, weight and footprint than public domain guardrail systems.  This guardrail barrier has large flexibility and tolerance in system height to allow easy transitioning into W-Beam, Thrie Beam, public domain and Proprietary end terminals.

  • SAFER – Fully compliant to MASH TL3.
  • COST SAVINGS – Savings on freight and faster to install
  • RAPID INSTALLATION – Standard fasteners and easily driven posts
  • NARROW WIDTH – A system width of just 201mm conserves valuable formation width
  • INNOVATIVE DESIGN – Rotation resistant posts mean less replacement and easy repair
  • LONG LASTING – Extra height means several resurfaces without needing to reinstall

ACP Sentry Barrier Guardrail Barrier


Sentry Barrier Post Length:1,640 mm
Sentry Barrier Post Mass:13.7 kg
Sentry Barrier System Mass:19.3 kg
Rail height above ground:800 mm
Post height above ground:790mm
Post Spacing:2,000mm
Sentry Barrier System Width:201 mm
Crash Rating:MASH TL3
Crash Test Deflection:1.59 m
Surface Treatment:Galvanised to AS/NZS 4680 after fabrication

ACP Sentry Barrier Guardrail Barrier