Ezy-Guard High Containment Guardrail Barrier

Introducing Ezy-Guard High Containment.  A member of the Ezy-Guard family, and the next generation steel guardrail barrier. Providing superior motorist safety with a tested containment of MASH Test Level 4.

Ezy-Guard HC is crash tested to the latest performance standards, distinguishing this particular guard rail from all existing public domain guardrail barrier systems in Australia.

The Z-post profile shields post edges from vulnerable road users and provides sectional strength when driving through difficult conditions.

An Ezy-HC-Carriage is used to secure the Thriebeam rails to the post, eliminating the requirement for blocking/offset pieces and rail stiffening plates. This unique connection provides a soft ride-down for the occupants and a smooth vehicle containment and redirection.

  • SAFER – Fully compliant to MASH TL4.
  • HIGH PERFORMANCE – Demonstrated containment and re-direction of a 10,000kg truck traveling at 90km/h
  • LIGHTER – Reduced freight costs for your install
  • NARROW WIDTH – A system width of just 245mm conserves valuable formation
  • FEWER PARTS – No blocking pieces or rail stiffener plates
  • RAPID INSTALLATION – Ezy-Guard HC installation can be up to twice as fast to install than conventional guardrail barriers, and no concrete is required (unlike cable barrier systems)
  • COST SAVINGS – Fewer components to purchase, saving on freight costs and faster to install

Ezy-Guard High Containment Guardrail Barrier


Post Length:2,000mm
Post Mass:19.5kg
System Mass:28.8kg per metre
Rail height above ground:980mm
Post height above ground:970mm
Post Spacing:2,000mm
System Width:245mm
Crash Rating:MASH TL4
Crash Test Deflection:1.77m
Surface Treatment:Galvanised to AS/NZS 4680 after fabrication

Ezy-Guard High Containment Guardrail Barrier