G4 Public Domain Guardrail Barrier

Roadside barriers have been developed over the years to safely redirect vehicles that leave the roadway. Ingal are market leaders in guardrails and provide roadside barriers that are built to last. Many different rigid, semi-rigid and flexible designs for roadside barriers have now evolved. The most common system consists of a steel w-beam rail supported on steel posts with end treatments and transitions of various designs using similar materials.

The Ingal Civil Flexbeam guardrail’s uniform high resistance to impacts is assured by its continuous flexible beam action. This prevents dangerous pocketing and minimises the ride down deceleration that is experienced by the vehicle and its occupants.

The high visibility of the Flexbeam guardrail creates driver confidence. This is an intangible but exceedingly important factor. At night or in foggy conditions, the excellent visibility of the Ingal Civil Flexbeam guardrail highlights the limit of safe travel and reduces dangerous centreline crowding.

  • HIGH VISIBILITY – Ensures driver confidence regardless of weather conditions
  • PERFECT FOR GUTTERS AND RAISED MEDIANS – Often regarded as hazards, the post and block design of this road barrier increases safety and lessens the risk of rollover or vaulting
  • LOW DEFLECTION – Reduces the clear zone required. Great for locations with hazards close to the barrier.

G4 Public Domain Guardrail Barrier


Ezy-Guard 4 Z-Post Length:1,650mm
Ezy-Guard 4 Z-Post Mass:12.5kg
Ezy-Guard 4 System Mass:18.6kg per meter
Rail Height Above Ground:787mm
Z-Post Height Above Ground:777mm
Post Spacing:1,905mm
Ezy-Guard 4 System Width:2,000mm
Crash Rating:MASH TL3 & NCHRP-350 TL4
MASH TL3 Crash Test Deflection:1.65m
Surface Treatment:Galvanized to AS/NZS 4680 after fabrication

G4 Public Domain Guardrail Barrier