Woodpark Logistics Estate

Richard Crookes Constructions
386-400 Woodpark Road, Smithfield NSW, Australia


The Woodpark Logistics Estate project at 400 Woodpark Road, Smithfield, involved the construction of 4 warehouses with a combined office space of 25,000m². Summit Fencing worked with Richard Crookes Constructions to deliver all security fencing and automated gates, internal dividers, Armco® guardrail, staff outdoor areas and mechanical enclosures on this project.

This site has a total of nine automated gates, including 5 slide gates, 2 telescopic slide gates and 2 double swing gates. Worthy of mention is one of the tubular slide gates on a Truck Exit driveway; this automated gate measures 24m long! Summit Fencing overcame a logistical challenge by manufacturing the gate in three leaves and transporting them to site separately. They were then joined together onsite, installed and automated.

Scope of Work:

  • 2.1(H)m Black Powdercoated Tubular Crimp Top Fencing
  • Pedestrian Egress Gates
  • 5 x Automated Slide Gates (ranging from 6.8 – 24m wide)
  • 2 x Telescopic Automated Slide Gates (11 – 15m wide)
  • 2 x Automated Double Swing Gates (5 – 8m wide)
  • Electric motors, keypads, safety photo beams, loop detectors and controls for above Automatic Gates
  • 1.8(H)m Black Chainlink Fencing & Gates for internal boundaries and dividing fences
  • Chainwire  Mechanical Enclosures
  • Slat Screen Enclosures
  • Privacy Screens between Warehouses